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TRUST NEWS - Spring/Summer 2013



The United Kingdom Falkland Islands Trust was formed in 1981 and aims to assist the Islands' population by providing specialist advice and contacts to assist in the economic and social development of the Islands. Trustees are responsible for the Shackleton Scholarship Fund.

The Trust's primary effort is dedicated towards:

  • Seeking new initiatives which have the potential to result in real, sustainable business opportunities for the people of the Falklands.

  • Carrying out scientific research itself or in collaboration with appropriate partners.

  • Providing and sourcing consultancy advice to the Falkland Islands Government and Falkland Islands Development Corporation in a wide range of areas. To date these have been primarily rural development issues.




Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra



Mr David Ainslie \96 Chairman

Mr David Tatham CMG \96 Chairman London Shackleton Scholarship Committee

Mr Hugh Normand \96 Honorary Treasurer

Prof. David Walton

Mr Tym Marsh

Mr Tim Miller (Falkland Island Resident)

Mrs Marlane Marsh (Falkland Island Resident)

Dr Phil Stone


Principal Officers

Prof. Jim McAdam \96 Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and Queen\92s University Belfast \96 Consultant.

Mr Andrew Moffat \96 Executive Secretary




The Trust has to raise funds for its operation on the basis of bids for research projects it has the capacity to co-ordinate or execute on behalf of the public and private sectors in the Falkland Islands. It does however require funds for its core activities and if you are interested in the Trust's work and wish to support it, please contact the Secretary or at the Trust's registered address.



The Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No 282786) and approved in the Falkland Islands for tax deduction purposes (since 22nd Dec 1998).


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