Tussac planting project at Port Howard.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the rural rural economy in the Falklands. The Trust has concentrated on areas of research and potential developments outside of mainstream government support. It was involved in the provision of advice and research on organic status for the Falklands and the potential for organic husbandry.

Tussac Grass can deliver a range of ecosystem services such as supporting a wide range of biodiversity, soil conservation, carbon storage, fodder production and help sustain ecotourism. The Trust, through its consultant’s involvement with Queen’s University Belfast and the British Antarctic Survey, has supported and undertaken research on many aspects of the biology, ecology and agronomy of Tussac Grass, This has helped underpin some of the practical efforts of farmers, Falkland Conservation and others to grow Tussac Grass.

Recently the Trust has supported research into some aspects of legume growth and agronomy and into a better understanding of the use of calcified seaweed, a potential natural liming source for the island’s pastures.