Trust part of new soils mapping project

A group led by SAERI and including FIT as Agricultural Advisor have just been successful in their Darwin Plus project bid  –Soil map and online database as climate change mitigation for the Falkland Islands.

This is a logical follow-on to the climate change project. FIT role in this project will be for consultant Jim McAdam to act as Agricultural Advisor. This will involve transferring  the outcomes from the TEFRA project and putting them into practice in the current project, in particular towards the assessment of erosion extent, risk and mitigation measures. This will involve engaging local stakeholders, especially farmers, and helping the Project Manager to understand their needs and how to answer them. We will verify and refine the erosion risk maps for some sample farms. Prof McAdam will be starting the planning for this project with SAERI staff during his forthcoming visit to the Falklands.