Falkland Islands Publications Database

In the 1990s a need was identified by the Falkland Islands Government to co-ordinate within the Falkland Islands as much as possible of ongoing scientific activity to ensure the most efficient and effective use of available scientific resources. An essential component of this was the documentation of all previously and currently published scientific information in a readily available form for both scientists and students to use. A comprehensive database has been prepared by the United Kingdom Falkland Islands Trust containing many previously inaccessible entries. The database is of value to the scientific, commercial and educational sectors in the Falkland Islands. Click on the following link to search the database. Search the Database

List of Publications Available to Download

Double click on the publication title to view the document. A PDF viewer is required to view publications, a free PDF viewer is available for download. All documents on this page remain copyright of the UK Falkland Islands Trust, all rights reserved. Permission is granted to copy for personal or educational use. Use for any commercial purpose should only be made in consultation with UKFIT.

Pasture Plant Guide

Annual Reports

Publications on trees, shrubs and shelterbelts

Publications on seaweed and aquaculture

Publications on Tussac Grass and other native plants

Publications on Paeonies

Publications on Legumes

Publications on Climate change

Other Publications