UKFIT 30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary of the formation of UKFIT on 1 June 1981, was commemorated at a Reception at Falklands House in London on 7th September 2011 which celebrated our past achievements, and highlighted current projects. The occasion also celebrated 16 years since the Shackleton Scholarship Fund (SSF) was launched by the Trust in 1995.

The Reception was hosted by the Falkland Islands Government Representative in London, Ms Sukey Cameron MBE, and attended by Trustees and Officers of the Trust and the London Committee of SSF.

Our Patron, Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, was our guest of honour.

Princess Alexandra visited the Falklands in February 2000 when she inspected the work of the Trust and SSF scholars’ projects, met local people involved, and learned about plans for the future. The Alexandra Wood at Port Howard was later named in her honour.

The 30th Anniversary Reception was centred on an exhibition of the work of the Trust and SSF since the Princess’s visit to the Islands in 2000, and explained current projects in hand including –

  • collation of a record of all scientific and technical publications (over 5000) relating to the Falklands, and
  • investigation of the evidence for climate change in the Falklands and adjacent regions, its likely impact, and feasibility of mitigation.

At the conclusion of proceedings, Princess Alexandra was presented with an inscribed copy of the  Dictionary of Falklands Biography by its editor Mr David Tatham, as a memento of the occasion.

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